Clearbit Reveal Alternatives

The various options for lead trackers are many. And they all have one thing in common: they make visitors insightful on your website. The lead trackers link the visitor to valuable data, such as the company where he works. So they all do that same thing. But what are the differences? In this blog we go into this, so you have a clear overview after reading. And perhaps makes a good choice!


Good leads

You’re dealing with two types of visitors on your website. Visitors who consciously visit your website, and visitors who accidentally end up on your website. The cousious visitors are valuable, the so-called good leads; they are interested in your website. For visitors who accidentally end up on your website because they click incorrectly, for example, you can assume that they are not interested in your website. These bad leads will have less to no need for contact. You want to gain insight into the good leads, because their interest creates an entrance.

But how do you distinguish between good leads and bad leads?

Good news! The lead trackers do this for you. And that is where the lead trackers differ. Clearbit found 98% good leads in two weeks, and Lead feeder found 74%. Despite these figures, it remains difficult to determine the specific quality of the leads.

Just as important is the price, which we ultimately determine the price-quality ratio in this blog with. Clearbit's prices are very high. It starts at €199, - per month, only for retrieving the data from visitors. And if you want extra service, you pay even more, which can be up to €1,000 per month. This is shockingly high when you compare prices with other lead trackers. Leedfeeder and Leadboxer ask for €59, - and €49, - per month. Hubspot is just below that, because for €46, - per month you receive information about your visitors.

But for the cheapest option you have to be at Breakfastleads. For only € 9.95 per month you have unlimited access to all visitors to your website. The quality is also up to par compared to the other lead trackers. Moreover, the quality of Breakfastleads is above average.

What is the price-quality ratio?

We calculate the price quality ratio by dividing the monthly costs by the number of good leads. Clearbit is again the most expensive of all. For a good lead you pay them €1,08. For more average prices you’ll end up with LeadFeeder, Hubspot and Leadboxer, for a good lead you pay between €0,37 and €0,32. Eventually, Breakfastleads is the cheapest and wins the prize competition; for only €0,08 you get accurate meaningful information about visitors, and that unlimited.

Which choice?

In our opinion it is a shame to pay the high price of €1,000 per month, if it can be much cheaper. As you have read, there are plenty of other options, but the quality per lead tracker differs. Clearbit has good quality, but the price-quality ratio is out of balance. It can be much cheaper, for comparable quality! The lead tracker that comes closest to high quality is Breakfastleads. And it saves a lot of money in your wallet.