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How to find out which companies visited your website?

In 3 steps

1. A company visits your website

After installing the Breakfastleads pixel on your website, we keep track of each visitor’s ip address.

2. We match their IP with a company name

Our database details ip-addresses of almost all companies worldwide. On average, 80% of your companies are identified .

3. You get a daily overview of visiting companies

Each morning, we send you your leads with their company names, phone numbers, how they got on your site and which pages they visited.

Are you curious how your daily breakfast e-mail will look?

Breakfast is the most important time of the day... For business!

Imagine waking up every morning with a fresh batch of leads in your mailbox. Breakfastleads offers exactly that.

After installing our pixel on your website, we instantly keep track of which companies visit your website. Each morning, we serve you a big bowl full of leads – all digital, of course.

More leads = more business

Think for a second how valuable this is in growing your business. Not only do you know which companies show interest in your products and services. You also get a grip on how they got on your website and which pages they visited. And to make your sales even easier: we uncovered their location and phone number as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Breakfastleads pixel on my website?

For Joomla and Wordpress users, we offer a 1-minute installation package that can be installed through their CMS plug-in manager. If you would rather manually install the pixel, you need to place a small code snippet after your site’s <head> tag.

Put easy; if you have Google Analytics on your website, you can also install BreakfastLeads!

Can I cancel my subscription anytime I want?

Of course! Just login to your account, go to 'account' and stop your subscription. You'll stop receiving leads till the end of your subscription.

How does Breakfastleads know which companies visit my website?

Everyone that visits your website has an unique IP-address. The breakfastleads pixel (which must be installled) sends that IP-address to our server. Our worldwide database then matches that IP-address with a company. The following morning all the companies that were identified are emailed to you, including their website address and which pages they visited.

When do I start receiving my daily lead emails?

After you sign up, you'll receive a small line of code which must be installed on your website. For WordPress and Joomla users we offer a simple one minute installation package, which you install via the plugin manager. The pixel sends the IP-addresses to our server, which will send you the identified companies the next morning! Breakfast is served.

What information do I get about the companies visiting my website?

We combine as much information publicy available. This includes their website, their LinkedIn page (if present) and telephone number. We'll also tell you which pages they visited for how long.

Here' an example:

Why users love Breakfastleads

We identify lots of companies

Breakfastleads offers you the biggest company database, covering more than 30% of your website visitors.

We send you a daily email

You get a daily email listing yesterday’s leads. You can call them instantly to generate more sales.

We give you all the info you need

You get thorough lead information, containing company name, phone number, how they got on your site and which pages they visited.

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Any day without Breakfastleads, you’re leaving leads on the table.

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