Clearbit vs. LeadFeeder

There are many different lead trackers on the market. But how do you choose the best? And based on what? In this blog, we will help you with this choice. We provide insight into differences between lead trackers, with the intention that you have enough information after reading this blog. So you can make the best choice!

If you’ve already sniffed around on the internet, you may have noticed: there are many choices for lead trackers. Clearbit is the market leader among the lead trackers, but is the market leader equal to the best? To find out, we compare Clearbit with its successor: LeadFeeder. We introduce the differences by ranking the quality, the price, and the combination of these two.

How measurable is the quality?

We measure the quality by weighing the amount of good leads against the amount of bad leads. Good leads arise from interest; the person behind the screen clicks purposefully on your website. Bad leads, on the other hand, accidentally end up on your website, and you can assume that the person is not interested. So the more good leads, the better the quality.

Despite the ratio between good and bad leads, the qualitative comparison between lead trackers remains a hard one to make. This is because lead trackers find specific good leads, that another lead tracker can not find. So every lead tracker finds, next to the same good leads as other leadtrackers, special good leads. This way all lead trackers are unique, in their own way.

We understand that the corresponding quality does not answer many questions for you. Look at it from the other side. Just because there are few qualitative differences between the lead trackers, you do not need to take this into account that precicely. And you can focus on other important factors.

The financial picture

An important factor that clearly differs is the price. Clearbit asks a lot for the services, compared to other lead trackers, namely € 199.00 per month. Clearbit is the market leader, which is also the reason for the high prices.

Value for your money

If we take a look back at that quality - the relationship between good and bad leads - you will see that Clearbit has more good leads than LeadFeeder. Clearbit has a percentage of 98% good leads and LeadFeeder is below 74%.

But the biggest difference is in the price-quality ratio. With Clearbit you pay an amount of € 1,08 per good lead. Far below is Lead Feeder, with an amount of € 0,37 per good lead. Already a very big difference, isn’t it?

How does the winner stand up against the best?

We bet you wonder: if the quality is difficult to determine, why would you opt for the expensive Clearbit? Since we know that quality does not mean everything, we focus on the price, to make the best choice. You are now familiar with differences between Clearbit and LeadFeeder. It is clear that LeadFeeder is financially a good option. But let's look further, is there an even better option? 

For the answer to this question, we arrive at BreakfastLeads. Their percentage of good leads is even closer to Clearbit than LeadFeeder: 85%. With regard to price, BreakfastLeads also wins; clearbit asks for an amount of € 199.00 per month, in contradiction of € 9.95 for Breakfastleads. Big difference, we think. You pay 80% less for BreakfastLeads. Per month. For comparable quality. Do you want to see for yourself? Take a look at