The 5 benefits of lead tracking

Lead tracking is a process, that registers the interaction between your website and the visitors. The IP address of the visitor is linked to contact details; for example the telephone number, the e-mail address and the company where he works. Do you want to know more about how lead tracking works? Take a look at (blog how does Clearbit work?).


Why is this information relevant?

This contact information is extremely suitable for sales purposes. See it like this: the connection between you and your target group is made a lot easier. You inmediatly have an overview of persons who are interested in what you have to offer, and get a clear picture of their place in the sales funnel. The opening is already there. All you have to do is make contact, to turn an interested lead into a paying lead.

The 5 benefits of lead tracking

Lead tracking makes personalization easy

Lead tracking maps the behavior and demographic characteristics of your visitors. It also measures interests and needs. If you eventually have enough similarities, you can divide the individuals into customer profiles. The customer profiles are thus generalized, but the similarities allow you to target every individual in the group to specific needs and interests. The message remains personal despite the generalization. And targeting on customer profiles, rather than on individual, saves a lot of time.

Translate this to your company. For example, you can create a sales pitch specifically for the customer profile. Because, for example, the behaviors, interests and needs are the same, the pitch for each individual is still personal. Now you can use the saved time for other tasks.

Each lead is also provided with an e-mail address. Automating e-mails is already happening, but with lead tracking you can make these e-mails even more personal. You are aware of their interests and needs, which you can process in the e-mails. Each individual per customer profile can receive the same e-mail, which makes it personal again and it saves a lot of time.

Lead tracking gives you an overview

In terms of leads, it is wise to keep track and report everything. A lot of information can be extracted from the data and provides an overview. By tracking the online activity of visitors, you can see where the visitor is in the funnel. Categorizing (see above) makes it easy to search for specific contact.

For example, you can see which page a lead visits. Let’s suppose the visited page is the contact page of your company. From this you can conclude that someone is about to seek contact; the perfect time for your company to do this yourself, for example by calling.

Or someone has downloaded a folder, but no further action has been taken. This indicates that the lead is interested, but still needs to be persuaded. You can respond to this by sharing convincing information with this lead.

Lead tracking provides insight into points for improvement

You know the saying: measuring is knowing. The measurement of leads provides insight into the effectiveness of your marketing. This way you find out what works well, but also what causes degradation. And where this happens in the funnel.

For example, do visitors place items in their shopping cart, but do not make the payment? Something seems to go wrong here. Now that you are aware of this information, you can see what’s the reason for not continuing the buying process. Suppose the 'personal data page' is confusing when you pay. It would be a shame if you miss out on sales and lose customers.

Another example where it is useful to measure is the effectiveness of your SEO. If you generate a lot of leads through the keywords, you know that the SEO provides leads. Do you see that only a few leads come in through the keywords? Perhaps improvement is needed here, to attract more leads.

Lead tracking strengthens the team

Regulating and maintaining data strengthens the team. Regulating leads means that your team has a clear overview. This saves a lot of time and effort, which your team can now devote to approaching valuable companies.

All team members are aware of the leads, their place in the funnel and the responsibilities within the team. By tracking, everyone knows who is responsible for which customer profile or lead. The customer profile contributes to more and more experience and specialization in certain groups, and to the efficiency of sales.

Lead tracking also ensures the achievement of objectives. By measuring, the team experiences what may or may not lead to success. The awareness of success has a positive effect. And when there is no marketing success, they can think about the improvement, and make sure that it will turn out to be a success next time.

Lead tracking measures valuable metrics

Measuring metrics gives you insight into the impact on your business and on sales. It measures the strenghts and weaknesses. You can draw up valuable metrics based on your own objectives. Want some inspiration? Here are 3 examples:

Improving customer acquisition: with this metric you measure where things go wrong in the funnel. That information is very valuable; if you know where things are going wrong, you also know where opportunities lie for improvement. The goal of this metric is thus to correct possible errors.

Sales by demography: by looking for matches between your leads, you can create customer profiles. Then take a look at the customer profiles that generate the most revenue. This is your main target group. The more concrete your target group is, the more precisely you can target. This is the goal of this metric.

The average time to close a deal: measuring the time used during closing a deal is valuable for planning. The team members can better support each other by tuning (made possible by measuring the time). The work is then fulfilled with more structure and success. This metric therefore has as goal: to better coordinate the planning of team members.

Lead tracking tool

With lead tracking you can, among other things, draw up customer profiles, create an overview, trace points for improvement, strengthen the team and measure valuable metrics. These are all aimed at: extremely focused targeting on leads. It takes a lot of time to trace each lead yourself. Fortunately, there are tools designed to do this work for you.

We recommend the BreakfastLeads tool. In the blog (Clearbit vs alternatives) we compared BreakfastLeads with the expensive market leader among the lead trackers. BreakfastLeads is qualitatively the best option, in relation to the price. For only €9,95 per month you will be informed every day about your leads. What can this information mean for you? Take a look at their website: