1-minute installation for Joomla

In this article we'll explain how to install in Joomla via the plug-in BreakfastLeads4Joomla.

Download the plugin:

First, download the plug-ing by clicking here

Go to The Joomla Administrator Panel

Normally you can find the administration panel of you website via www.yourwebsite.com/administrator.

Go to Extensions > Manage > Install:


1. If not already, go to the tab 'Upload Package File'.


Choose the file from your desktop.


After it's there, chose 'Upload & Install'


After the installation was succesfull, go to the Extension. 

Extensions > Plugins:


Search for the Plugin. Search for BreakfastLeads (1), press search (2):


Click on the 'System - BreakfastLeads for Joomla (3).

You're in the plug-in. This is the place where you can fill in your BreakfastLeads ID (1). The ID normally starts with a B2B and after that has only numbers in it.

Make sure to also enable the plugin (2). After which you can 'Save & Close'. Congratulations, you've installed BreakfastLeads! 


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