Manual installation for Joomla

Manually installing BreakfastLeads in Joomla isn't hard, but it requires some special knowledge. If you don't have exact technical knowledge, it's best to let the company or person who made your website install the BreakfastLeads Pixel. 

You can always refer to our 1-minute install plug-in, which works no matter the changes in your template. 

Step 1.

Go to your administrator panel. Normally this looks something like:

Then go to Extensions > Templates:


First look which template is 'on' by default:


In this instance that's Protostar. You can recognize the default template by the yellow star.

Now chose 'Templates' in the menu on the left hand side:


Look for the default template. In our case this was Protostar (because of the yellow star from the previous step).


Click on the templates name: 'Protostar Details and Files' (in this case).

On the left hand side, search for 'index.php'. While this is correct for this template this isn't always correct for other templates. When in doubt, contact your webmaster.


When you've clicked on 'index.php', you'll see the contents of the file on the right hand side. Make sure to look up </head>


Right before </head> you can put the BreakfastLeads Pixel code.


The BreakfastLeads Pixel code should look like this:

<script src="//" id="B2B123****EXAMPLE***" async defer></script>

Click here to read the Quick Start Guide on how to obtain the code

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